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Healthy Eating

There is a close correlation between MS and the eating of saturated fats. To anyone who has MS both the amount of fat and the type of fat eaten should be considered of importance. The extent to which you might want to change the foods you eat is up to you. If you want more information - and rest assured there is much of it around - see the Centre library. Better still, meet with our own nutritionist and work out with her your own menu plan taking into account "best practice" and individual (including family) likes and dislikes. Please refer to our links to related sites pages and look at other sites for further advice on diet.

Easy Access to Special Needs Information

A Physiotherapist has helped develop a new Internet portal site to provide access to a wide range of specialist services, products and information for people with disabilities, their families and carers. In essence the site provides an easy gateway to a wide range of specialist e-commerce centres, including shopping and travel, as well as offering links to charities and other specialist organisations. There are also exclusive, tailor made insurance products that cover special equipment for the home, scooters, and pets, additional travel cover and even high risk sports.

"We spent a long time researching and asking the very people who would be using it" said Alison, who knew from working with adults with learning disabilities that unless the target audience liked the way the site was set up they would not use it, despite what was on it. With this in mind, they included on the site a wide range of links to exciting sports and leisure activities including places to visit, hobbies and online games. And to help users develop their IT skills, there is also a study pack on the site, Certain 2 Learn, offering an interactive computer course. "Each page is set up in exactly the same way. No gimmicks to it; it's all very straight forward", said Alison. "And we have spoken to all the companies personally so that we know exactly what they do and what they have to offer".

Article taken from FRONTLINE, JANUARY 2002​